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The Worst Holiday Of My Life Essay

During the holidays happened the worst journey I have ever had. I still remember everything very clearly. I was going on a holiday with my Dad, my Mum and my younger brother, Adam. We had planned a few days in our uncle's house in a small village near Sopot. I like spending holidays there because of the clean, fresh air and the silence in the woods.

We had decided to start our journey very early in the morning, before the rush hour to avoid the traffic jams. I woke up an I was so sleepy that I din't know what was happening. We left home as quickly as we could. The weather was quite good so we were happy. We left the motorway and we got in the middle of huge traffic jam! The road was full of cars and buses! We didn't move for one hour!

My Dad, Adam and I were very angry. We begun to feel stressed and hungry. My Mum wanted to go to the toilet. Adam wanted to sleep, but he couldn't. The cars were hooting and drivers were shouting, so Adam was bored. He loves when I'm angry so he was annoying me for all the time. My Dad was angry because the temperature of car's engine was srill increasing. The car was full of crying, screaming and arguing people. Somebody had switched on a radio and it drove me mad! I shouted "SHUT UP!" and we spent the rest of the journey in silence.

When we finally arrived, it was already dark and we cought a flat tire! The forest was extremelly scary. We lost our way. A high wind had started to blow. It was freezing cold. The worst thing was that we didn't know where we were. It was terrible! We wanted to phone our uncle but there was no range! We had to wander for at least 2 hours. Suddenly, when we were ready to give up, we saw some lights. Uncle Matthew were there. Our family was looking for us.

Today I am laughing at this story but I'm sure it was the most frightening journey I have ever had.

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Last summer, during our summer holiday happened to me something I would like to describe. With my family and with family of my friend Zuza travelled I to spend few weeks in summer in wonderful French village called Le Rayol situated near famous Saint Tropez.

When we got to our village and let our baggage at huge villa of dad´s friend, first thing we wanted to see was beach and, of course, sea. Me, my brother and friend were amazed. Such a beauty". Immediatly we jumped into the water and swam and swam and swam.

The water was cold, but it was very pleasant to get little colder in that hot weather. As we swam bech to the beach I noticed that no one else, but only us, is in water. It was quite strange . But in few seconds I was supposed to get to know why it was like that. At first I felt something soft is swimming near my legs, but then I felt such terrible pain, that you can´t imagine it. I thought my leg was burning, but in the water is it impossible. Due to horrible pain I couldn´t move, swim, I couldn´t anything. I could only call brother to help me to get on the beach.

When I felt little bit safer, I dared to look on my leg. There was big red burning from jellyfish. Jellyfish were reason why other people were only sunbathing and not swimming. How could we be so stupid and didn´t notice it? I shouldn´t pay for our stupidity.

After this bathing I suffered few day with temperature and couldn´t do anything. I was jealous with others, who could swim, go on trips, go shopping and thing which you usually do on your holidays.
So instead the best holiday spent in French paradise I had my worst holiday ever spent in bed suffering.

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