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Fisica O Quimica Wikipedia Essay

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Física o Química
Created byDaniel Écija
Álex Pina
StarringSee the cast list
Opening theme"Física o Química" by Despistaos
Country of originSpain
Original language(s)Spanish
No. of seasons7
No. of episodes77 (list of episodes)
Camera setupMulticamera
Running time75 – 90 min. (approx.)
Original networkAntena 3
Picture formatPAL(Season 1 – 4)
HDTV(Season 5 – present)
Original release4 February 2008 – 13 June 2011
Related showsRelaciones Peligrosas
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Física o Química (English: Physics or Chemistry) was a Spanish television series produced by Antena 3 that ran from February 2008 to June 2011.[1]

Before its televised broadcast, Física o Química was released on cell phones in Vodafone live! and on the official website of Antena 3.[2] After the success of the first season, which ended on 31 March 2008, Antena 3 announced the filming of a new season which would feature more episodes and few cast changes.[3] The second season premiered on 8 September 2008, with guest appearances by Michel Brown and María Casal, among others;[4] it ended on 8 December 2008. The third season premiered on 13 April 2009 and included new characters portrayed by Óscar Sinela, Sandra Blázquez,[5]Miriam Giovanelli,[6]Adrián Rodríguez,[7] Irene Sánchez[8] and José Manuel Seda,[9] and the entry of character actor Álex Barahona who had already appeared on the show, thus compensating for the departure of Michel Brown, Andrés Cheung, Karim El-Kerem and Xavi Mira.[10] Antena 3 confirmed the filming of the fourth season with Adrián Rodríguez as a regular character[11] and the return of Leonor Martín.

Física o Química started its seventh season with the departure of Nuria González, Úrsula Corberó, Angy Fernández and José Manuel Seda. Filming began on 28 February 2011. In May 2011 the series was cancelled due to a fall in viewing figures (more than 50% from the previous few seasons). On 1 June 2011, the death of a main character caused considerable outcry on the Antena 3 website.[12]

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Andrea Duro as Yolanda "Yoli" Freire Caballar (Season 1 – Season 7)
  • Javier Calvo as Fernando "Fer" Redondo Ruano (Season 1 – Season 7)
  • Sandra Blázquez as Alma Núñez (Season 3 – Season 7)
  • Adrián Rodríguez as David Ferrán (Season 3 – Season 7; recurring Season 3)
  • Lucía Ramos as Teresa Parra (Season 5 – Season 7)
  • Àlex Batllori as Álvaro (Season 5 – Season 7)
  • Nasser Saleh as Rashid "Román" Lorente (Season 5 – Season 7)
  • Lorena Mateo as Daniela Vaquero (Season 6 – Season 7; recurring Season 5)
  • Alex Hernández as Jon (Season 6 – Season 7)
  • Álex Martínez as Salvador "Salva" Quintanilla (Season 6 – Season 7)
  • Karim El-Kerem as Isaac Blasco, Zurbarán student and ex-lover of Irene. Dies due to injuries suffered in a quad accident. (Season 1 – Season 2)
  • Andrés Cheung as Jan Taeming, Zurbarán student. Returns to China after entering an arranged marriage to his cousin. (Season 1 – Season 2; special guest star Season 7)
  • Angy Fernández as Paula Blasco (Season 1 – Season 6; special guest star Season 7)
  • Úrsula Corberó as Ruth Gómez (Season 1 – Season 6; special guest star Season 7)
  • Leonor Martín as Covandonga "Cova" Ariste, Zurbarán student and girlfriend of Julio (Season 1 – Season 3; recurring Season 5 - Season 6; special guest star Season 7)
  • Adam Jezierski as Gorka Martínez (Season 1 – Season 5; recurring Season 6; special guest star Season 7)
  • Maxi Iglesias as César Cabano de Vera (Season 1 – Season 5; special guest star Season 7)
  • Gonzalo Ramos as Julio de la Torre (Season 1 – Season 6; special guest star Season 7)
  • Irene Sánchez as Violeta Calvo, Zurbarán student (Season 3 – Season 4)
  • Óscar Sinela as Joaquín "Quino", Zurbarán student (Season 3 – Season 4)

Zurbarán School staff[edit]

  • Ana Milán as Olimpia Díaz, English language teacher and former principal. (Season 1 – Season 7)
  • Marc Clotet as Vicente Vaquero, Gymnastic teacher (Season 4 – Season 7)
  • Olivia Molina as Verónica Lebrón, Language and literature teacher and the mother of Teresa (Season 5 – Season 7)
  • Enrique Arce as Arturo Ochando, Biology teacher and school doctor (Season 7; recurring Season 6)
  • Fernando Andina as Enrique Lubián, History teacher and principal (Season 7)
  • Sabrina Garciarena as Sara Pires, Philosophy teacher (Season 7)
  • Juan Pablo Di Pace as Xavier "Xavi" López, Arts teacher (Season 7)
  • Michel Gurfi as Jonathan, former physical education teacher and love interest of Blanca. Leaves Zurbarán to return to Mexico. (Season 1)
  • Xavi Mira as Félix, music and technical drawing teacher. Leaves Colegio Zurbarán after his wife Olympia ultimately chooses Roque over him. (Season 1 – Season 2; special guest star Season 3, Season 5 and Season 7)
  • Michel Brown as Miguel Belaza, the Argentine history and drama teacher (Season 2)
  • Joaquín Climent as Adolfo Madroña Bermudez – Director of Studies and father of Roque. (Season 1 – Season 4; special guest star Season 7)
  • Cecilia Freire as Blanca Román, Language and literature teacher and best friend and roommate of Irene. (Season 1 – Season 4; special guest star Season 7)
  • Blanca Romero as Irene Calvo, Zurbarán's Philosophy professor (Season 1 – Season 4; special guest star Season 7)
  • Bart Santana as Roque Madroña Castro, Art teacher (Season 1 – Season 5)
  • Álex Barahona as Berto Freire Caballar, Cafeteria Waiter and the brother of Yoli (Season 3 – Season 6; recurring Season 2; special guest star Season 7)
  • Nuria González as Clara Yáñez, English language teacher and former principal. (Season 1 – Season 6; special guest star Season 7)
  • José Manuel Seda as Martín Aguilar, former school psychologyst and former principal (Season 3 – Season 6; special guest star Season 7)
  • Cristina Alcázar as Marina Conde, Philosophy teacher (Season 5 – Season 6; special guest star Season 7)
  • Sergio Mur as Jorge, Arts teacher and former school psychologyst (Season 6; recurring Season 5)

Recurring characters[edit]

  • Fele Martínez as Mario Barrio, the former boyfriend of Irene. He leaves after realizing she is sleeping with Isaac. (Season 1; special guest star Season 2)
  • Julio Soler as Rubén de la Torre, Julio's brother who kills himself in the pilot (Season 1)
  • Nancy Yao as Xiao Mei, the wife and cousin of Jan (Season 2)
  • Verónica Moral as Leonor "Leo" Grandes Álvarez, Roque's controlling ex-wife and mother of his daughter Alba. She leaves for the United States with Alba, but returns with news that their daughter is ill. (Season 2)
  • Álex Yuste as Márquez, former boyfriend of Fer and student of Zurbarán (Season 1 – Season 2)
  • Carlos Wu as Mr. Taeming, Jan's Chinese father who owns a convenience store in town (Season 1 – Season 2)
  • Santiago Meléndez as Mr. Cabano, Cesar Cabano's abusive father (Season 1 – Season 2)
  • Aura Garrido as Erica, Alma's former love. (Season 3)
  • Miriam Giovanelli as Lucía, Julio's former girlfriend , Rodrigo's sister and student of Zurbarán (Season 3)
  • Ximena Suárez as Marta, gymn teacher at Colegio Zurbarán (Season 2 – Season 3)
  • Carlos Velasco as Rodrigo "Rodri" Prieto, Julio's enemy and Lucía's brother (Season 2 – Season 3)
  • María Casal as Marisa, Adolfo's ex-wife and Roque's mother, whom he leaves for Loli . It's too education inspector (Season 2 – Season 4)
  • Mark Schardan as Thomas, Irene's American boyfriend (Season 3 – Season 4)
  • Aida de la Cruz as Andrea, a cancer patient (Season 4)
  • Olivier Morellón as Oliver, Zurbarán student (Season 1 – Season 4)
  • Christian Martin as Javier Moreno, Zurbarán student (Season 1 – Season 6)
  • Itaca López Martínez as Laura, Zurbarán student (Season 1 – Season 4)
  • Arantxa Aranguren as Matilde Martínez, Gorka's mother. She becomes the school janitor, much to the embarrassment of Gorka. (Season 1 – Season 5)
  • Jaime Pujol as Alonso de la Torre, Julio and Reuben's father (Season 4 – Season 5)
  • Marina Gatell as Sandra, stripper and mother of Martin's daughter (Season 5)
  • Ramiro Blas as Ricardo López, Clara's boyfriend and Zurbarán's plumber (Season 6)
  • Diego Ramírez as Diego, Paula's love interest and librarian assistant (Season 6)
  • Teresa Arbolí as Dolores "Loli" Prieto, Paula and Isaac's mother and Adolfo's former lover (Season 1 – Season 6)
  • Israel Rodríguez as Borja, Fer's boyfriend (Season 6)
  • Isaak Ferriz as Luís Parra, Teresa's father (Season 5 – Season 6)
  • Farah Hamed as Fátima, Rashid's mother (Season 6)
  • Andrea Dueso as Susana, David's ex-girlfriend (Season 7)
  • Victor Palmero as Toño, Zurbarán student (Season 7)
  • Pablo Espinosa as Pablo Calleja, Zurbarán student (Season 3 - Season 4)

Guest stars and cameos[edit]

  • Nacho Cano as himself
  • El Sueño de Morfeo as themselves
  • Liz Solari and Tomás de las Heras as Charlotte and Gonzalo respectively, from the show Champs 12.
  • Ana Fernández García and Luis Fernández "Perla" as themselves; crossover with the television series Los protegidos.
  • Despistaos as themselves
  • DJ Nano as himself


Zurbarán High School[edit]

HS is where most of the drama takes part. The rooms, the cafeteria, the library, the hallways, the elevator, the teachers' room, the bathrooms... The building becomes the scenario for most of the interactions among students and teachers.

Teachers' house[edit]

The home of Irene (Blanca Romero) and Blanca (Cecilia Freire) is a flat always occupied by other teachers such as Miguel, (Michel Brown), Violeta (Irene Sánchez), or Irene's nephew. After this last one left, the free room was taken by Vaquero (Marc Clotet), who stays in the flat after Irene and Blanca finally leave.

Later on, Vaquero rents the free rooms Verónica (Olivia Molina) and Jorge (Sergio Mur). Because of the constant flirting going on between these two, Vaquero decides to leave the flat, to the couple, but after they break up, Jorge leaves too.

Currently the flat is shared by Verónica (Olivia Molina), Sara (Sabrina Garciarena) and Xavi (Juan Pablo Di Pace).

Other scenarios[edit]

The students' houses, restaurants and even the street are also scenarios used in this TV show.


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Season 3 (2009)[edit]

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Season 7 (2011)[edit]



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Some students of the school organize a petting party in the house of one of them. They advertise it with posters in the institute, but none of the professors knows what it consists of, only that it is of high sexual content. Paula is invited by Cabano to the party and, in principle she doubts, but Cova convinces her to go. For her part, Irene, although she had proposed that what happened with her student Isaac would not happen again, in the end she can not help it and falls back into temptation. She repents right away especially when Isaac's mother is going to talk to her about the change in her son's behavior. Blanca, the literature teacher, to get students interested in the topic of the class, tries to give them another point of view about "La Celestina", but, without eating or drinking it, the class becomes a debate about sex. The director finds out and offers Blanca to give talks to the kids about sex. But this idea overwhelms Blanca a lot, she knows that she is not the best ...

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