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Dublin Pride Essay Contest

High School Division

Monica Alvarez
Trinity School
New York, NY

Lety Banks

University of California
San Diego, CA

Adrienne Berg

Woods Charter School
Chapel Hill, NC

Caroline Bolt
University of Texas
Dallas, TX

Barbara Burnham

University of Texas
Austin, TX

Courtney O. Carlisle
University of Texas
Dallas, TX

Jessica Connolly

Trinity College
Dublin, Ireland

Marjean Cockran

Enterprise State Community College
Enterprise, AL

Becky Dolin
Graham School
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Susan Durst
Boise Public Schools (retired)
Boise, ID

Amy Fugazzi

Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY

Norah Glickstein
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON

Jean Lewis
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL

Frank McClanahan
Linfield College
McMinnville, OR

Keiko Parker
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Deanna Parsi

Sue Scott
Wake County Library
Raleigh, NC

Gina Sipley
Nassau Community College
Garden City, NY

Maria Spray
School for Advanced Research
Santa Fe, NM

Amy Stallings
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA

Alisa Thomas
Toccoa Falls College
Toccoa Falls, GA

Lisa Tyler
Sinclair Community College
Dayton, OH

Karin Wiberg
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA

College/University Division

Elaine Bander
Dawson College (retired)
Montréal, Québec

Pauline Beard

Pacific University (emerita)
Forest Grove, OR

Rosa Beyer

University of Chicago
Chicago, IL

Laura Bloxham

Whitworth University
Spokane, WA

Rachel Brownstein
Graduate Center, City University
of New York, NY

Susan Cotellesse
Northeast Lakeview College
Universal City, TX

Wendy Anne Lee
New York University
New York, NY

Nora Nachumi
Stern College for Women
Yeshiva University
New York, NY

Stephanie Oppenheim
Borough of Manhattan Community
City University of New York
New York, NY

Lisa Tyler
Sinclair Community College
Dayton, OH

Leo Rockas
University of Hartford (Emeritus)
Hartford, CT

Debra Roush

Kathleen Urda
Bronx Community College
City University of New York
New York, NY

Susan Weisgrau

Akiba Hebrew Academy (retired)
Merion Station, PA

Graduate School Division

Deborah Knuth Klenck
Colgate University
Hamilton, NY

Pat Michaelson
University of Dallas
Dallas, TX

Juliette Wells
Goucher College
Baltimore, MD

Had they been alive 100 years ago, the Livermore middle school students would have found themselves in the midst of the war to end all wars. Although they weren't and the war wasn't, the young essayists envisioned life a century ago to explore the effects WWI had on American history.

"Men had gone off to fight, but there was still work to be done," wrote Simone Laney. "Suddenly, women were needed to work in factories. Driving automobiles was forbidden on Sundays in order to conserve gasoline, and lights had to be turned off at night to save energy. We're all supposed to go about our lives an hour early as part of some kind of Daylight Savings program, although it seems odd to turn back the clock for a tad more sun and a tad less electric light. I suppose every little thing helps. One rather outrageous item is that women were asked not to wear corsets because the steel was needed elsewhere. Mother had a few things to say about that!"

kAm{2?6J H2D @?6 @7 E9C66 DEF56?ED E@ H:? E96 p>6C:42? w:DE@CJ tDD2J r@?E6DE 9@DE65 3J E96 y@D672 w:8F6C2 {:G6C>@C6 r92AE6C @7 E96 s2F89E6CD @7 E96 p>6C:42? #6G@=FE:@? Wsp#X] x? 255:E:@?[ E9C66 9:89 D49@@= D6?:@CD 62C?65 E@A 9@?@CD :? E96 sp# v@@5 r:E:K6?D pH2C5 2?5 $49@=2CD9:A r@?E6DE] %96 2H2C5 46C6>@?J E@@< A=246 @? u63CF2CJ b 2E E96 pD3FCJ &?:E65 |6E9@5:DE r9FC49 :? {:G6C>@C6]k^Am

kAm%9:D J62CVD p>6C:42? w:DE@CJ tDD2J r@?E6DE H:??6CD[ 2== @7 t2DE pG6?F6 |:55=6 $49@@=[ 2?5 E96:C 4@C6 E62496CD 2C6i z2J=66 ~=D@?[ eE9 8C256[ |D] s63@C29 t4<=6Dj t>:=J qFEE=6C[ fE9 8C256[ |D] $FD2? q62C5j 2?5 {2?6J[ gE9 8C256[ |D] {2FC:6 {6D2?5C@] tDD2J H:??6CD C646:G65 46CE:7:42E6D[ >652=D 2?5 S`__[ 2?5 E96 E62496CD C646:G65 Sd_]k^Am

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