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Investment Banking Analyst Cover Letter

Investment Banking Analysts perform research and gather information that helps traders and fund managers take decisions related to investments. This job is suitable to someone who can handle large amounts of complex information and who can determine investment potential as accurately as possible. Common work activities for an Investment Banking Analyst include researching market data, updating their knowledge of market trends, monitoring their clients’ finances, analyzing cash flow, reading financial news, preparing reports for client use, and making recommendations to fund managers.
Based on our collection of cover letter samples for Investment Banking Analysts, the most sought-after skills for this job are:

  • Business acumen and finance knowledge
  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Presentation abilities and self-confidence
  • Being able to work under pressure and to meet tight deadlines
  • Research skills and commitment to further study
  • Computer competences

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Dear Ms. Cross:

As a highly accomplished investment and financial analyst and advisor with extensive experience conducting in-depth research, analyzing market trends, and managing client account activities, I am well prepared to surpass your expectations. With this in mind, I invite Toledo Financial to consider the enclosed resume as you look to fulfill the Investment Banking Analyst role.

In my most recent position as an analyst with Equity Financial Group, I performed in-depth industry research and analysis while building sophisticated valuation models to identify optimal investment decisions, resulting in high rates of return and lasting client partnerships. My demonstrated success in advising senior bankers on effective investment strategies—along with my expertise in financial trends and tools—positions me to make a significant and positive impact on your firm.

Highlights of my experience include the following:

  • Serving as the lead analyst on more than $1.8B in completed transactions, including buy/sell-side advisory and debt issuance.
  • Developing 60+ presentations and pitch books for client executives and board providing strategic financial and investment advice.
  • Constructing a range of financial models including 3-statement merger, accretion/dilution, LBO, IPO, and DCF.
  • Analyzing portfolio and investment performances and reviewing client assets to determine reallocation and/or necessary amendments.
  • Demonstrating confidence, leadership, and superior communication skills to interact effectively with clients and senior bankers while propelling portfolios to top performance levels.

With my background in investment and portfolio analysis and management, combined with my inherent understanding of market performances and issues, I am ready to provide outstanding financial service within your organization. I look forward to discussing the position with you in further detail.


Lawrence E. Jennette

Sample cover letter for Internship position at M&A boutique




[Name of Recruiter]


[Name of Bank]

[Recruiter’s Address]

Dear Mr. / Ms. [Recruiter’s Name],

My name is [Your Name] and I am currently [a Year in School and Major / Business School Student at [School Name]] / [Working at Company Name in Division Name]. I was recently introduced to your firm via [Friend / Contact at Firm / Presentation] and was impressed with what I learned of [Your Culture / Working Environment / Bank-Specific Info.]. I am interested in pursuing an [Investment Banking Analyst / Associate] position at your firm, and have enclosed my resume and background information below.

I have previously [Completed Internships In… / Worked Full-Time In…]. Through this experience [Working on Transactions / Leading Teams and Managing Projects / Performing Quantitative Analysis], I have gained [Go Into Anything Relevant to Banking, Such As Analytical / Leadership / Teamwork / Finance / Accounting] skills and honed my [Any Other Relevant Skills]. I also had the opportunity to work on [High-Impact Project], which [Describe Results].

Given my background in [Summarize Internships / Work Experience] and my [Summarize Skills] skills, I am a particularly good fit for the [Position Name] position at your firm. I am impressed by your track record of [Transactions / Clients] at [Firm Name] and the significant responsibilities given to [Position Name], and I look forward to joining and contributing to your firm.

A copy of my resume is enclosed for your reference. I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you and learn more about [Firm Name] at your earliest convenience. I can be reached at [Phone Number] or via email at [Email Address]. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


[Your Name]


Enclosure: Resume

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