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Lenient Parents Essays About Their Children

When the parents become too permissive with their offspring, the children tend to believe they could make decisions early about their life before they are mature enough and this fact creates serious issues for both, parents and children, mostly when they become teenagers.

I strongly believe that parents are too permissive with their children nowadays due to the fact that when the children become teenagers, they want to experience dangerous practices such as drug using, early sex life or driving their parent’s expensive cars.

First, nowadays many teenagers are drug and alcohol users. This a very serious problem with dangerous implications for them for a long period of time.. Drugs and alcohol creates physical and mental addiction. It is very hard to fight with such an issue even for an adult, but for a teenager might be twice harder to deal with such problem. Consequently, there are a lot of money spent through implemented programs, designed to provide advices for the teenagers and to help them fight against their addiction. For instance, in our city, the last estimates show that twenty percent of teenagers are drug addicted and this is an alarming fact that should be taken into consideration immediately.

Second, our children at the teenage start their sexual life very early nowadays. This phenomenon has serious consequences on their health and for the society in the end. Starting sex life early entail contacting sexual transmitted diseases such as human papilloma virus which is the leading cause of cancer, chlamydia, trichomonas and so on. Moreover, the girls could become pregnant too early in life and this fact could destroy their future and prevent them to continue their education. For example, our daily newspaper announced yesterday that there are more and more children with children in our country which is an upsetting fact and we all should do something to prevent it from happening. I believe the teenagers should have mandatory sexual education in school and the understanding of their parents at home.

Third, the parents offer their children expensive things such a car or telephone when they grow up a little. This is not necessary a good practice, because in many cases, the children do not know how to value these expensive gifts from their parents and also, they could damage them easy. In most cases, the children do not learn how to earn such things by themselves which could be a problem for them in the future. For instance, my cousin is seventeen years old and he received an expensive car from his father for his birthday. After couple of days, he took a ride with the car and he seriously damaged it. This event made his father think twice and realize that is was not an appropriate gift for a seventeen years old teenager.

To summarize, I believe that parents are too permissive with their children nowadays. They should think about their children’s future and should be more restrictive with their children until at least, they become more mature to be able to make decisions by themselves.

Parenting styles differ from family to family, and may even vary from day to day within one family. All parents make decisions for their children that may be more strict or more indulgent on occasion. For the most part, however, the way that one parents falls into one of three general parenting methods. These are authoritative, authoritarian and permissive parenting styles.

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Authoritative parents are firm, loving and kind. They set boundaries and expect their children to abide by them. Neither overly strict nor overly indulgent, authoritative parents strike a good balance between expectations that are too high and expectations that are too low. These parents allow their children to make choices that are age-appropriate, encouraging them to take on more responsibility as they grow. They respond well to the needs of their child, but do not give in to every desire. They give their child reasons for certain rules and guidelines, and allow natural consequences to take place whenever feasible and when no real harm will come to the child due to those consequences. According to the Cornell University Cooperative Extension, children of authoritative parents often display social competence, independence and a high sense of responsibility as they grow into young adults.

Authoritarian parents are strict, unbending and inflexible. They may attempt to control every aspect of their child's life, and do not allow the child to make choices. Authoritarian parents expect obedience without questioning. They may use harsh discipline methods with their children, and may be insensitive to their children's emotional needs. They often do not explain the reasons behind the rules that they set, and impose their own consequences whenever a rule is broken. Adult children of authoritarian parents may be unable to act without specific direction, and may have trouble expressing themselves.

Permissive parents are indulgent, not wanting to impose their will on their child's developing personality. They often set no rules and have no consequences. They might cause their child to avoid even natural or logical consequences in order to save him from perceived harm, unhappiness or hurt feelings. Permissive parents are usually kind and loving, but may become frustrated when a child's behavior is defiant or unacceptable. Despite this frustration, permissive parents often do not step in to cause a change in the child's actions as long as he will not be physically harmed. Permissive parenting may cause teen and young adult children to remain egocentric or lack self-control, according to the Cornell University Cooperative Extension.

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