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The Part-time MBA requires students to commit 4 days on campus per month, plus 1-2 hours of additional work per day, to complete the programme. Most of the modules take place between Wednesday and Saturday. An MBA is a carefully designed experience that encompasses academic curriculum, career services and personal growth experiences. Here you will find an overview of our MBA experience, and see how the highlights fit together in sequence. We have grouped our highlights into three types:

Key Skills:

These highlights show how the academic curriculum can help you develop the full range of skills required in top management

Career Development:

These highlights show how our Career Services team can work with you to accelerate your career in the direction you want to go

August 2018 - December 2018

Modules 1-5, split between Zurich and St.Gallen, plus one module at Oxford University

Academic Writing and Research Skills
Learn how to learn, by updating the skills required to produce high quality academic submissions
Global Business Environment
Acquire new tools to analyse market opportunities and threats, and identify all relevant stakeholders at play
Accounting and Controlling
Become literate in financial accounting and how it allows you to make better strategic management decisions regarding operations
Understand the issues that Multinational Corporations face in both mature and emerging markets
Companies present on campus followed by networking events
Leadership excercises are conducted during an interactive day spent in the Swiss Alps
Gain insight into a specific topic with a moderated panel of experts, followed by Q&A and networking
Luxembourg-based multinationals come to campus to introduce themselves and recruit

January 2019

A short break occurs in the Core courses, with optional Career Services offerings available

Continuation of Company Presentations started in September 2018
Travel to Basel to meet with multinationals, learning about their businesses and establishing contacts

February 2019 - June 2019

Modules 6-10, split between Zurich and St.Gallen, plus one module at Copenhagen Business School

Know how the price of stocks and bonds are computed, and investigate topics on investment decisions and performance measurement
Have a multitude of approaches to managing oneself, teams and organisations, and know which ones are appropriate or inappropriate for a given individual or group
Marketing and Communications
Use concepts and frameworks to better define your organisation’s market positioning and segmentation
Corporate Strategy and Sustainability
Travel to Copenhagen to understand firsthand the relationship between sustainability and business
Continuation of Company Presentations started in September 2018
Gain insight into a specific topic with a moderated panel of experts, followed by Q&A and networking
Visit companies in nearby Munich, Germany to explore career opportunities in the wider region
Travel to Berlin to visit companies, with a focus on startups, and make contacts

July 2019 - August 2019

September 2019 - December 2019

Execute and discuss financial calculations and understand how the results can inform corporate strategy
Make management decisions founded in a familiarity with current manufacturing and supply chain best practices
Applied Value Based Management
Learn applied financial management by using all the financial tools you have learned to solve business issues
Analyse and solve cases with a consulting-level competency
The written exam portion of Learning Assessment Week tests you on all course material to date
Beginning of a new round of company presentations in September 2019
Gain insight into a specific topic with a moderated panel of experts, followed by Q&A and networking

January 2020 - June 2020

Modules 15-16, plus Elective Phase and the beginning of your final project. Electives can be taken at our partner schools, Copenhagen Business School, Imperial College London, Nanyang Technological University and Macquarie University. We also run a week-long study mission to Singapore.

Present a case solution, followed by open topic Q&A, testing all material to date in one hour
Choose 4 electives, including courses at partner schools in Copenhagen, London, Singapore and Sydney
Senior level speakers discuss their industry trends and corporate challenges in detail
Intensive training to help you get the most from your Research Project or Business Plan
Corporate Research Project or Business Plan
Explore a company, industry or issue in-depth, or develop an entrepreneurial idea
Annual recruitment event where companies interview our MBAs
Submit MBA Project or Business Plan
You submit a written report outlining your recommendations
Re: Applicants for St. Gallen MBA Class of 2016-2017 [#permalink]

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 04 Aug 2015, 00:22

Hi All,


I applied in R1. After you submit your application, it takes about 1 week till you get an invitation to the interview. 3 days prior to the interview, they send you a business case to prepare. The interview is rather long, with a lot of brain teasers (for instance how many smartphone users are in Switzerland). After R1 is over, e.g. all applicants did their interview, the committee decides..

As the course has not started as yet, I unfortunately cannot tell whether it is Finance Core and I have no idea regarding the placements.. Sorry about that.


Thank you.

As I said, the interview was rather long and intensive.. I did not expect so many brain teasers.. and you have to present the business case.

They look for your work experience, team players, leadership characters, and internationality..

With regard to the GMAT, they told me it is good that mine is above 700.. But I think you can find out with the contact persons there.. They are very friendly and helpful.

Any questions, let me know.