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Loyola Chicago Admissions Essay Help


Ready to apply? This is a good place to start


The college application process at Loyola University Chicago is simple and straightforward. If you have questions about the steps to apply as a freshman, please contact us at 800.262.2373 or We are excited to help you through this college application process.

1. Check our deadlines. Our priority deadline for admission is December 1.

2. Submit your online application. As part of the online application, you will have a chance to tell us more about your extracurricular activities by filling out the co-curricular section or by uploading a resume to your file after you submit the application.

3. Ask your high school to send us your official transcript. All freshman applicants are required to submit an official transcript from their secondary school. Please have your transcripts sent directly to:

Loyola University Chicago
Undergraduate Admission Office
1032 W. Sheridan Road
Sullivan Center, Room 150
Chicago, IL 60660

If you were homeschooled at any point during high school please complete this form in addition to sending any traditional transcript you may have.

4. Arrange to have your SAT or ACT scores sent to us. Loyola’s code for the SAT is 1412, and our ACT code is 1064.

5. Submit one letter of recommendation from a teacher or counselor. You may send an e-mail request from our online application, or you can download a Counselor Recommendation Form.

6.  If applicable, submit official information about transfer credit or AP/IB credit to Loyola electronically. This is not required at the review of your application. Once admitted, incoming freshman should submit this information during the summer prior to starting at Loyola. Learn more about Loyola's transfer credit policy.

7. Upon admission, make your enrollment deposit by May 1 to reserve a place in the class.

Writing an Essay from A to Z

A. Understanding the Prompt: How to Understand a Prompt (PDF)

B. Free-writes and Response Papers: How to Write a Free-Write (PDF), How to Write a Response Paper (PDF)

C. Summary: Writing a Summary (PDF), How to Write a Summary Response Essay (PDF)

D. Rhetorical Analysis: Rhetorical Appeals (PowerPoint), The Three Rhetorical Appeals (PDF)

E. Synthesis: How to Write a Synthesis Essay (PDF)

F: Research:The Purpose of Research (PDF), Examples of Good Research Articles by Academics (PDF)

G. Writing Tips: Writing for the Uninformed Reader (PDF), To Use or Not to Use I in an Essay (PDF), The Literary or Historical Present Tense (PDF)

H. Scholarly Sources: Finding and Evaluating Sources(PDF), Defining Scholarly Sources (PDF)

I: Conducting Archival Research: The Importance of Careful Research (PDF) University Archives & Special Collections  (link), LUC Student Research Options (PDF)

J. Online Sources:LUC's Online Databases (link), How to Find and Research Articles on LUC Libraries Website (PDF), Analyzing Sources (PowerPoint), Evaluating Online Sources (PDF)

K. Annotated Bibliography Guide: How to Write an Annotated Bibliography (PDF)

L. In-text Citation Guide: Choosing Citation Software (PDF), Citation Style Links (PDF), Citation Style Overview (PowerPoint)

M. Plagiarism: How to Avoid Plagiarism (PDF), A Quick Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism (PowerPoint)

N. Brainstorming:Generating Ideas (PDF)

O. Structure: The Essay: Purpose and Structure (PDF), How to Write a Topic Proposal (PDF), Topic Proposal Worksheet (PDF)

P. Outlining: How to Write an Outline (PDF), How to Write a Reverse Outline (PDF), The Essay Paragraph Equation (PDF)

Q. Introductions: Writing Introductions and Conclusions (PDF)

R. Conclusions: Conclusions and the Trap of Circular Information (PDF)

S. Quoting: Choosing and Explaining Quotes (PDF),  How to Frame a Quote (PDF)

T: Paragraphs: How to Write Successful Paragraphs (PDF)

U: Transitions: Transitions or Signal Words (PDF),  Transitions (PDF)

V: Sentence-Level Mechanics: Flow (PDF), Verb Tenses as Indicators of Time (PDF), George Orwell's Guidelines for Clear Writing (PDF), When to Use a Comma (PDF)

W. Peer Review: How to Proofread (PDF), How to Peer Edit (PDF), Sample Peer Review Sheet (PDF)

X. Revision I: Reading Aloud to Revise (PDF)

Y. Rewrites: How to Do a Rewrite (PDF)

Z. Turning the Essay In: Turning in an Essay and or Essay Portfolio (PDF)